We are no robots

About us

At Chat-Tonic we help our clients, with whom we work side by side, to promote the use of technology to improve their customers communication and experience.

We are focused on innovation, improving and updating our products constantly. We keep ourselves at the technological frontier, to ensure our tools are always on top and generating the highest impact on your business.

Our team

We believe in collaboration and in the construction of collective intelligence. Led by Eduardo Orteu and Sebastián Arena, we form a committed and motivated team, with specialists in technological solutions for your business.

Eduardo Orteu

Eduardo Orteu

CEO - Co-founder

Edu is specialist in finding innovative, creative and effective solutions for businesses. He is an entrepreneur who is always stepping out from the comfort zone in order to achieve Chat-Tonic’s and our customers goals and needs.

Eduardo holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of San Andrés (UDESA). He teaches within the MIND program of that university, developing professionals for digital transformation. Additionally, he is a visiting professor at the IAE MBA and speaker at mobile industry events.

Sebastián Arena

Sebastián Arena

CTO - Co-founder

Sebas is the engineer behind Chat-Tonic’s technology. Passionate about making software and developing technologies to solve problems, he stands out as a facilitator of integral solutions.

With a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Sebastián has a long career in the IT industry, developing products and leading high performance teams. Since 2013, he is also a member of the Minders Group and a professor in MIND (AI & Blockchain), the strategic program of digital transformation of the University of San Andrés (UDESA).

Agustín Manson-Astoul

Agustín Manson-Astoul


Agus is our guru in the design, implementation and management of digital strategies. Based in Madrid, he advises the most important companies in Spain and Portugal, and is in charge of directing and developing the Chat-Tonic business in Europe.

Agustín has a degree in Advertising and obtained his Master in Marketing and Sales Management at the Center for Financial Studies in Madrid. For more than 15 years, he has provided technological solutions to achieve sales objectives using digital marketing, inbound marketing and social selling, being a fundamental ally for the marketing, customer service and innovation departments.

Chat-Tonic is a product of

In Tonic we are IT veterans, developing technological solutions for more than 10 years. We seek adventure and constant improvement.

Back in 2014 we developed our first bot -the first in Argentina- and we keep ourselves since then as pioneers and market leaders.