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Learn more about how Cabify automated and improved its drivers’ onboarding process. Finding a simple, safe, and automated onboarding process was a priority for Cabify, a leading mobility technology platform

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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Centralab doubled the number of daily enquiries and patients served. Now, it serves over 9.000 patients and receives 3.000 enquiries every day. How did they manage to self-manage 85% of the enquiries?

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When an organization interacts with thousands of users on a daily basis it’s essential to find a strategy that makes it possible to do it quickly and efficiently. Find out more about the chatbot development that allowed TodoPago to identify, manage, and refer enquiries quickly and efficiently.

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Federada Salud

When the pandemic brought the whole healthcare system under pressure and traditional channels collapsed, this was no problem for Federala Salud. By having an operational bot, they were able to increase the handling of requests by +1000%, +30% of new leads, and keep satisfaction level above 70%.

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