Smart help, instant response

Chat-Tonic brings you intelligent customer service. Our bots improve the access to support, helping your clients to contact you through chat -their favorite channel- and giving your team a tool that adds efficiency and reduces efforts.

Our virtual agents, empowered with contextual and artificial intelligence, integrate with internal and external systems to access relevant data and give your customer instant and personal response, 24/7, in the channel they choose.

How can I use it?

  • Optimize your processes by automating repetitive tasks, increasing the efficiency of your team, and saving money and time

  • Assists those who give support to your customers, providing them with accurate and instantaneous information, and reducing the operational burden so they can focus on more valuable processes for the business

  • Provide customer support 24 hours, extending attention hours and distribute the flow of queries, as well as providing support exactly when the customer needs it

  • Manage thousands of interaccions at the same time, assigning cases effectively and reducing waiting time

  • Solve multiples requests and questions, proving complete and pertinent information in multiple formats (text, video, images, documents)

  • Digitalize the user experience and provide support in the process, with optimized self service tools

  • Follow up your customer experience in each point of contact, mapping their journey and tracking them in each step

  • Offer a personalized and proactive experience, using already existing information from your customers


  • Case labeling
  • Case allocation
  • Derivation to agent via chat
  • Agent support via chat
  • Knowledge base for agents
  • Customize customer support hours
  • APIs integration
  • Broadcast tool
  • Back-end for agents


of clients say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good service


of consumers say that the key factor for a great service experience is to solve their problems quickly


of people who ended a business relationship because of poor customer service, mentioned the current technologies as the main source of frustration and discontent

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