Intelligence applied to your processes

Chat-Tonic is the smart evolution for process automation that improves efficiency, productivity and business rentability. Our chat-bots can manage appointments, provide documentation, send notifications and report on processes status at any moment.

Our platform integrates with the tools and systems that you already have to ensure a seamless integration. Chat-Tonic is simple, easy to use and available 24/7. Through our solution, you save time, cost and efforts, elevating customer service standards.

How can I use it?

  • Automate repetitive and low ranking tasks, freeing your teams from recurring efforts that add small to no value to your business

  • Improve your service levels, managing thousands of request and tasks simultaneously, ensuring consistent and high quality responses each time

  • Reduce costs and efforts, with centralized resources, automated tasks and faster times of onboarding and training of your human resources

  • Improve your KPIs, reducing waiting times and increasing customer satisfaction

  • Escalate quickly, avoiding disruptive changes in your teams and your business infrastructure

  • Incorporate AI into your company, taking it to the future of technological solutions


  • Document generation
  • Payment management
  • Ticket management
  • Case labeling
  • Case allocation
  • Case follow-up
  • Knowledge base for agents
  • APIs integration


of business leaders believe that using artificial intelligence in their business will be a competitive advantage in the near future


of marketing professionals identified the incorporation of AI as the most significant initiative for 2019


is how much your productivity can increase after integrating IA into your business

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