A brain that is always on

Chat-Tonic helps you open new channels of communication for your organization.

We develop smart, flexible and customizable bots that allow you to chat and interact with your customers, just when they need you, right where they are.

Our bots operate through chat channels that are built into your website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and other platforms. This helps you capture customers, close sales and give support 24/7. Each interaction is ensured to be a unique and personalized experience, highly dynamic and easy. Chat-Tonic is artificial intelligence that empowers your business.

Chat-Tonic is a cutting-edge solution for lead generation, customer service and process automation.

Chat-Tonic can:

  • Capture, qualify and convert new customers

  • Quote and close sales for products and services

  • Support and help customers in real time

  • Manage thousands of interactions at the same time

  • Automate tasks and operational processes

  • Run on your website, WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram


Customizable to each business needs

Integrates with 3rd party apps and processes

Learns and improves continuously

Easy to implement and use

Multiplatform integration (web, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram)

Online 24/7

How it works?

Our platform, empowered with AI, integrates and communicates through messages in the main messaging providers. Our solution includes a personalized script executed with the help of contextual intelligence.

Chat-Tonic process your inbox, does queries and gains information from its own services and 3rd parties, and replies according to rules customized for your business.

Additionally, our platform collects and saves data from all interactions, providing feedback for your backend, databases and other management systems.

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