Artificial intelligence to

improve customer support,
boost sales and
optimize your processes.

Companies that trust Chat-Tonic:

Co-creating tailor-made
smart Chatbots

We combine technology, know-how, and service to offer your users the best possible conversation experience

1. Understanding the need

Through an immersion process we get to understand the problem to be solved or opportunity to be seized.

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2. Chatbot Design

We design the conversational experience with you and your team through iterations.

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3. Implementation

We build it and integrate it with required APIs or services.

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4. Evolution

Throughout the Chatbot evolution process, we ensure that the customer experience continues to improve.

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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Centralab doubled the number of daily enquiries and patients served. Now, it serves over 9000 patients and receives 3000 enquiries every day. How did they manage to self-manage 85% of the enquiries?

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Learn more about how Cabify automated and improved its drivers’ onboarding process. Finding a simple, safe, and automated onboarding process was a priority for Cabify, the leading mobility technology platform.

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